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Promotion comes from the Lord: A new angle to “BIG” Happenings

I have a heart to see any one and every one come to know the beautiful truth of Jesus Christ. I love chilling and praying with homeless people and at the same time I love preaching God’s truth from the stage in front of multitudes. I love that God has created me that way because Jesus did the same in the Bible. Jesus was all things to all people when He walked this earth. In scriptures we see Him talking with those culture said not to associate with, healing the sick and even standing up for a prostitute in trouble. At the same time we see Him preaching to thousands like the story where He fed 5000 men along with their families. Sometimes when Jesus would do something for someone that allowed them to see Him as Lord, He would tell them not to tell anybody, but instead, to go back to their own surroundings and do what He did for them for others. Many times in our generation we want to go where we know all the attention will be. We want to follow all of the BIG happenings or to be a part of them, which can be cool… but sometimes the want for the “BIG” happenings can get in the way of the Big happenings God wants to do through you in your little circumstances.

“…sometimes the want for the “BIG” happenings can get in the way of the Big happenings God wants to do through you in your little circumstances.”

I have been blessed to have the privilege of Speaking God’s love and scriptures for 6 solid years now. I’ve had the privilege of beat boxing and skateboarding professionally along with preaching. I consider it a full time job. Yes, I have needed other jobs on the side to support me and my family financially. It’s funny how when you speak from a certain platform or to a certain amount of people you are viewed of as “famous” from some. It’s almost like when people see where God has truly brought you to proclaim His word they think you must be rollin in dat doe. Well its ministry not monestry. If I did the ministry I do for the money I would have quit years ago. I wonder if people ever thought Jesus was rich when they saw Him speaking to thousands. I love Jesus though because the very next day He would be one on one with the least of these. Jesus didn’t have an image He tried to look; He actually even tried to go un-noticed. He had no jumbo screen or lights; He didn’t even have a microphone. Sometime I recognize people that want to do ministry at a certain level so badly that they miss the ministry God has for them in that very moment. It’s like they want to preach to a super large church, or they want to play their music to super large crowds. Maybe it’s something like an outreach ministry getting exposure or even getting acknowledgement for doing something Christ like. I will share with some Christians that I’m an evangelist and it’s pretty cool to them you know. I’ll tell them I speak for youth groups and camps a lot and they’re interest is fairly normal. Then they’ll usually be interested in the biggest event I’ve spoken for. When they hear that I’ve done ministry on stages with people like Jeremy Camp they trip out as if it’s a big happening. Don’t get me wrong, those are amazing opportunities to reach many many people but the incredible message that I am bringing is the big happening whether It’s for one kid at a skate park or in front of thousands.

“…but the incredible message that I am bringing is the big happening whether It’s for one kid at a skate park or in front of thousands.”

I’m not saying that if you respond that way it’s a bad thing, I’m just trying to put into perspective an interesting angle to ministry in today’s day and age that God has given me over the years. I almost feel as though some people get into certain aspects of ministry for the wrong reasons. Even Monty Montgomery, front man for the thriving death core band FOR TODAY, admits that he was into his band ministry for the glory he was getting for actually preaching Jesus from the stage (He’s grown out of that now). I’ve come across so many people that want to open for certain artists or have a certain amount of followers on their social media or views on a video. All in all these aren’t horrible things, but if we can check ourselves and see what our motive is to wanting them we might learn something about ourselves. Trust me, I say all this from experience. Sometimes it’s actually that exact motive that prevents us from getting to those desperately wanted big happenings. I understand that times have changed and that some jobs or careers involve being noticed but I can’t help but think that Jesus became very noticed and made the BIGGEST happening to ever take place in all of history by desiring to not be noticed. He always gave credit to the Father. He denied Himself, literally sacrificing His own reputation in order for the Father to be noticed. The truth of the matter is that God won’t entrust us with Great things until He sees that we are faithful with the little things. When we focus on the industry over the ministry then all things aren’t possible. When we try to notice our ministry over the Father then we miss the point and the words “Well Done” are far from us. When we thrive in the little things and give our excellence, God will promote us. Promotion comes from the Lord.

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